Australian Aboriginal Flag

The Australian Aboriginal Flag represents aboriginal Australians. As one of Australia’s officially recognized flags, it has special legal and political significance. Harold Thomas, a descendant of the Luritja people of Central Australia, designed the Australian Aboriginal Flag in 1971. He holds the rights to the flag’s design. In terms of proportion, the overall ratio of the flag is 2:3. However, the flag is often displayed in the proportions 1:2 as with the Australian National Flag.

The Aboriginal Flag is often flown together with the national flag and the official flag of the Torres Strait Islanders. The flag was raised for the first time on 9 July 1971. There are equal areas of black and red; over the middle, there is a yellow disc. It was initially designed to symbolize the land rights movement for Aboriginal people in Australia, and it has since become their flag.

Australian Aboriginal Flag

What does the Australian Aboriginal Flag symbolize?

The colours of the flag have the following symbolic meaning:

– The black color represents the Aboriginal people of Australia.
– The yellow circle represents the Sun, the giver of life and protector of Earth.
– Red color represents the red Earth, the red ochre used in ceremonies, and Aboriginal people’s spiritual connection to the Earth.

Is the Australian flag the flag of the Aboriginal people?

The Australian Aboriginal Flag represents aboriginal Australians. It is a flag that holds special legal and political status in Australia and is one of the flags that have been officially adopted. Flags were first designed for protests over land rights but soon became symbols of Australia’s Aboriginal people.

Copyright in the Aboriginal flag

Of Central Australia’s Luritja and Wombai tribe, Harold Thomas owns the copyright to the Aboriginal flag. Under the Flags Act 1953, the then Governor-General designated the Aboriginal flag as a flag of national significance in 1995. Mr. Thomas was declared the owner of the Aboriginal flag by the Federal Court of Australia in 1997.

Why can’t AFL use the Aboriginal flag?

Copyright is at issue. The flag is exclusively used on clothing by WAM Clothing, which Indigenous Australians do not own.

Is it possible to obtain an Aboriginal flag for free?

Contact the senator’s office or member of the house of representatives in your electorate if you would like a free Australian flag.

Do you need permission to fly the Aboriginal flag?

The Australian Aboriginal flag does not require permission to fly, but the flag is protected by copyright. Therefore, you can only reproduce it under the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 or with Mr. Harold Thomas’ permission.

When did the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags become official?

The flag of the Torres Strait was officially presented to the people of the Torres Strait on 29 May 1992, during the sixth Torres Strait Cultural Festival. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, the former national body, eventually recognized the flag and gave it equal prominence with the Aboriginal flag.

On 9 July 1971, the first Aboriginal flag was raised. According to the Flags Act 1953, the Australian government recognized the Aboriginal flag as an official flag in 1995.

Who designed the Aboriginal flag?

Designed in 1971, the Luritja Elder Harold Thomas designed the Aboriginal flag, who hails from the Central Australian region. A symbol of national identity and unity for Aboriginal people, the logo was designed during the early 1970s, during the Land Rights Movement.

What does the red and Black Flag in Australia mean?

Symbolically speaking, the flag colours (according to Harold Thomas) stand for Black – for the Aboriginal people of Australia. A yellow circle represents the Sun, both the giver of life and the protector of the Earth. Red ochre, the red Earth represents aboriginal people’s spiritual relationship to the land.

What is the significance of the three colours on the aboriginal flag?

Black – represents Aboriginal people of Australia, according to Harold Thomas. A yellow circle is symbolic of the Sun, the giver of life and the protector. The red color represents the red Earth, ochre, and Aboriginal people’s spiritual relation to the land.

What are the 3 Australian flags?

Flags of Australia include the Australian National Flag, the Australian Aboriginal Flag, and the Torres Strait Islander Flag. In addition, states and territories each have their own flag.

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